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     The Roll-A-Bout walker is a new medical device designed for everyone who has an injury below the knee. The injury could be a broken lower leg, ankle, or foot; an achilles tendon injury; amputation; or ulcers of the foot or leg. Replacing crutches, the Roll-A-Bout is designed for convenience as well as comfort and stability and folds easily for transporting and storage. 
Vertical Space     The Roll-A-Bout is a great way for people with lower leg injuries to get around, eliminating the need for crutches. It is designed for convenience as well as comfort, and folds easily for transporting and storage. It allows you to distribute your weight evenly by resting half your weight on the walker, and the other half on your good leg. With just a few quick adjustments, the Roll-A-Bout can be used with either the right or left leg. 
The Roll-A-Bout greatly improves the quality of life by giving the patient more mobility, stability and comfort with less effort allowing the patient to get up and around and back to a near normal life-style. All of the patients that have used the Roll-A-Bout have nothing but praise for it. The Roll-A-Bout is extremely helpful to patients with multiple injuries who are unable to use crutches. 
Vertical SpaceWhen faced with the question of whether to use hard-to-balance crutches or to step up to the comfortable, compact easy-to-use Roll-A-Bout, you will see that "Roll-A-Bout is a better way!" The platform for the injured leg features two comfortable foam cushions to support the knee and ankle. These cushions ensure that no pressure will be exerted on the lower leg. The wheels on the Roll-A-Bout are offset in the direction of the injury to provide extra stability and mobility. 
Roll-A-Bout Side View
The individual places the knee of the injured leg on the knee pad, then rests the ankle on the rear support and propels the Roll-A-Bout with the good leg. To steer the Roll-A-Bout, the individual takes a step with the good leg while gently lifting the handle, and turning in the desired direction of travel. 
Vertical SpaceThe Roll-A-Bout is designed for strength, stability and convenience. It comes equipped with brakes for controlled movement and added safety. The Roll-A-Bout is lightweight, compact and folds for easy storage in a car or closet. The wheels are super-tough nylon, and feature non-marking molded rubber tires. Their generous eight inch diameter gives the Roll-A-Bout the ability to "roll-about" with ease. 

Roll-a-bout: RA-250 right or left, 4' 10" - 6' 1", max weight 250 lbs. heavy duty and tall models also availble.

Not covered by Medicare.  Purchase and weekly rental available.

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