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Three-wheel PMV
Invacare Zoom-3

Invacare Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMVs) offer the best in aesthetics, reliability, performance and features. With its compact design and stylish good looks, the new Invacare Zoom-3 offers a 29 turning radius for maximum maneuverability and performance indoors. The fold-down tiller and removable seat make transporting simple. Personal items fit conveniently into the front basket. The Invacare Zoom-3 is an ideal economic scooter.

  • Simple fold-down tiller design
  • 38.5 overall length, 22 overall width
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • Front basket and batteries included
  • 29 turning radius
  • Color:  Candy Red
  • Incline Capability:  8°
  • Speed:  0-3.5 mph
Zoom 3 Scooter

Lynx SX-3
Lynx SX-3

Known for its superior looks, the Invacare Lynx SX-3 is a small-sized three-wheel PMV designed to go anywhere. It allows for maximum maneuverability indoors, and is great for outdoor use, too. The Lynx SX-3 features beautifully-contoured shrouds available in two color options. The tiller adjusts easily and securely to a comfortable position, and the urethane armrests flip back for easy entry or exit.

  • 43.5 in overall length, 23 in overall width
  • Angle- and width-adjustable arms
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • On-board batter charger
  • Contoured seat with swivel and cloth upholstery
  • Color:  Deep Blue, Candy Red
  • Overall Length:  43.5"
  • Speed:  0-4.5 mph

Lynx SX-3P

The Invacare Lynx SX-3P is an economic, small-sized PMV. Designed for maximum maneuverability indoors, it is also powerful enough for outdoor use.

  • Quiet, powerful transaxle- 43.5in overall length, 23in' overall width
  • Contoured seat with swivel and cloth upholstery- Foam-filled tires
  • Approximately 10-15 mile battery range- 0-4.5 mph speed range- 250 lb. weight capacity
  • Remote battery charger. Front and floor baskets.
  • Three-wheel frame design. Ivory color (as shown). Angle- and width-adjustable arms. Ivory molded color (as shown)
Lynx SX-3 Plus

Lynx LX-3
Lynx LX-3
Lynx LX-3 and LX-3 Plus

The Invacare Lynx LX-3 and LX-3Plus are mid-sized three-wheel PMVs that offer superior looks, performance, and functionality. They are versatile enough, both indoors and outdoors, to suit a wide range of owners. The LX-3 features a full tiller shroud that adds to the overall good looks of the PMV, as well as a contoured seat with cloth upholstery. The Lynx LX-3Plus features the ergonomically-enhanced delta tiller, as well as a non-sliding deluxe vinyl seat. Front and floor baskets on both models allow room to carry personal items. A headlight is also standard on both models.

  • 46in overall length, 24.5in overall width
  • 0-5 mph speed range
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • On-board battery charger and approximately 18-23 mile battery range
  • LX-3 standard seat is a contoured seat with cloth upholstery, swivel, and width- and angle-adjustable arms.
  • Color:  Deep Blue, Candy Red
  • Overall Length:  46"
  • Speed:  0-5 mph

Four-wheel PMV

Panther LX-4

Perfect for a wide range of drivers, the Invacare Panther LX-4 is a mid- to large-sized four-wheel personal mobility vehicle (PMV) that looks as good as it performs. The Panther LX-4 features four (4) 3in x 10in tires for outdoor use, and a deluxe padded vinyl seat to provide comfort and adjustability. The ergonomically-enhanced delta tiller tiller, with its sleek and stylish good looks and optimum fuctionality, is standard on this model. A headlight and front trim are also standard.

  • 48in overall length, 24.5in overall width and 300 lb. weight capacity
  • 0-5 mph speed range
  • Remote battery charger and approximately 18-23 mile batter range
  • Headlight and front basket
  • Deluxe vinyl seat with swivel and slide and height-, width-, depth-, and angle-adjustable arms
  • Color:  Deep Blue, Magic Black, Candy Red
Panther LX-4

Panther MX-4
Panther MX-4
Panther MX-4

The Invacare Panther MX-4 is a large-sized four-wheel personal mobility vehicle (PMV) designed for outdoor use and maximum performance. The Panther MX-4's full suspension enables it to be rated for 400 lb. weight capacity. The standard ergonomically-enhanced delta tiller is as beautiful as it is comfortable. The Panther MX-4 has four (4) 4in x 12in tires. A Hi-Lo speed switch allows a range of 0-7 mph, and front and floor baskets allow the user to take personal items along for the ride.

  • 56in overall length, 26in overall width
  • 0-7 mph speed range and hi-lo speed switch
  • On board batter charger and approximately 20-25 mph battery range
  • Full lighting package, front and floor baskets
  • Extra wide (22in) deluxe vinyl seat with swivel and slide and height-, width-, angle-, and depth-adjustable arms
  • Color:  Champagne

With the Invacare Phoenix powered mobility lift, you can take your scooter or power wheelchair anywhere you want to go. Its simple operation makes it easy for virtually anyone to lift a scooter or chair into a van, pickup or sport utility vehicle. The Phoenix can easily be removed from its base for those times when you need your vehicle's full cargo space, and it can even be reinstalled when you switch to a new vehicle. All in all, the Invacare Phoenix extends your independence to places you never before thought possible.
  • Lift boom rotates 360 degrees so you can place the scooter or chair right where you want it; Boom rotates easily, even with a maximum load of 250 lb.
  • Switches are conveniently located at the end of the boom so the operator is always in control while lifting, lowering or rotating
  • Unit is easy to install for qualified users
  • Lift 'n latch feature automatically locks arms in the raised position; arm can easily be lowered for out-of-the-way storage

Phoenix Powered Mobility Lift

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