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Deluxe Hi-Riser Model
Deluxe Hi-Riser Flex-A-Bed
Flex-A-Bed Deluxe Hi-Riser Features

Flex-A-Bed offers two excellent values, two superb quality models; the Standard and the Deluxe Hi-Riser. Flex-A-Bed gives your  customers the widest choice of  options available in these luxurious sleep systems. Customize  Flex-A-Bed to fit their personal needs.  

  • Independent head and foot operation.
  • Optional 30-minute massage.
  • Single massage located in back section.
  • Dual massages located in both back and leg sections.
  • The head and back section raises approximately 6-8" higher than other adjustable beds, including our Standard model. (This feature is patented and exclusive to Flex-A-Bed).
  • Convenient hand control holster for storage and protection of hand control. Can be attached to either side of your bed.
  • Wood trim panels to conceal metal frame.
  • Heavy duty ball casters.
  • Plush, double-sided mattress.
  • Beautiful Burlington fabric of the very best quality.
  • Attractive quilted mattress retainer bar cover.
  • Offered in all sizes.
  • Each bed equipped with headboard brackets.
  • 15-year limited warranty on the entire bed. 

The Deluxe Hi-Riser, offered in a beautiful Burlington champagne cover, is your customer's best buy due to its many features, and this is the bed you will sell most often. The 8-1/2" mattress is reversible, with multi-needle puff quilted covers over soft foam for a plush feel on both sleeping surfaces. It features a covered mattress retainer bar, wood trim panels to conceal the metal frame, and a convenient hand control holster. This bed also offers the patented Hi-Rise feature which raises the head and back section of the bed 6-8" higher than any other bed on the market. 15-year limited warranty. 

Deluxe Hi-Low Series #181
Now Available in Twin, Full, and Queen Size

Standard Flex-A-Bed Model

Standard Model

Flex-A-Bed Standard Model Features
  • Independent head and foot operation.
  • ·Optional 30-minute timed single massage.
  • Open frame construction.
  • Heavy duty ball casters.
  • Hotel quality, non-allergenic, easy to service Burlington ticking.
  • Offered in all sizes.
  • Each bed equipped with headboard brackets.
  • 5-year limited warranty on the entire bed. 

The Standard Flex-a-Bed with a 5-year warranty is an excellent value at an affordable price. The 6-1/2" mattress is non-reversible, with a multi-needle puff quilted cover over soft foam for a plush feel on a single sleeping surface. It is not a promotional bed. It has the same high quality foam foundation, plywood platforms, and motors as the deluxe Hi-Riser. Quality has not been sacrificed to provide a low price, the Standard simply does not offer as many features as the Hi-Riser. Although the Hi-Riser is the bed you will sell most often, the Standard is needed to give your customers a comparison and choice. Also, you will not lose those customers who cannot afford the higher priced Deluxe Hi-Riser. 

"Dual King" Flex-A-Bed

Flex-A-Bed "Dual King" Features

Separate controls provide comfort without disturbing your customer's bed partner. Flex-A-Bed fits all headboards and is not different in appearance from any quality bed when flat. Whether they simply like to read a good book or watch television before dropping off to sleep, Flex-A-Bed is the easy way to do it. No stacks of pillows-no piles of covers. They have a choice of any variation of support so that they can enjoy in complete comfort. 

Two Twins used as a "Dual King" and the optional vibrator will convince your customers that they never knew relaxation before. Flex-A-Bed is a surprisingly affordable luxury. 
Note: Sheets for the Dual King should be Twin 80" fitted sheets on the bottom and King 76" x 80" top sheet, blanket, and bedspread. 

  • Read: Fully contoured, Flex-A-Bed lets your customes read, watch TV, or doze in completely supported comfort.
  • Lounge: With head raised, your customers can dine from a tray, use a typewriter, take a snooze or just sit and talk.
  • Relax: With the foot up, Flex-A-Bed lets your customers stretch leg and back muscles for relief from tension and fatigue.

  • Sleep: Flex-A-Bed can be every bit a standard bed with the best supportive sleeping surface they've ever tried.

New Special Option
Flex-A-Bed Side Rails

Construction Features

Construction Features

Mattress Construction

Our Deluxe Hi-Riser's plush double-sided mattress features multi-needle puff quilted covers over soft foam. Completely flanged all around to keep mattress taut in every position, covers are attached to the pre-built border with blending jumbo binding tape. All Filling materials are innertufted to eliminate shifting. Highest quality enduralator over and under the innerspring unit provides insulation for the polyester padding to prevent "coil feel". High coil count innerspring provides healthful support in all postions. Entire mattress is fire retardant.


Actuator Set

The Flex-A-Bed actuator set includes independent head and foot motors, hand control, power cord and optional massage motors. This system is designed by and used only by Flex-A-Bed. All parts are made and assembled by Flex-A-Bed.

The entire mechanical and electrical system is sealed and self lubricating eliminating the need for future maintenance.

If replacement or repair were to become necessary the complete actuator set can be removed by simply loosening four bolts. To prevent accidental loss of power during use, no plugs are used. If replacement is necessary, the entire unit is replaced, not individual components.

Frame Construction

The Flex-A-Bed frame is constructed of heavy angle iron and tubing. The frame is welded in all stationary areas. Attached to the steel frame is 4" high density foam on a 5/8" plywood platform which is hinged in three areas to create contouring foundation of the bed.

At Flex-A-Bed we begin with the very best quality raw materials. From truck loads of steel we form the parts, weld the assemblies and paint our own patented articulating frame.


Firmness: Most Popular: medium firm. May also be ordered in soft and in extra firm.

Mattress: Hand constructed from highest quality materials. Specially designed for smooth contouring.

Foundation: High density foam supports mattress perfectly. Conforms specially to articulating frame.

Frame: Open or closed construction. Rides on ball casters. Brackets connect to any headboard.

To Order Call: 800-239-0102
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