The Ideal Power Chair For People Who Want
High Performance With Elegant Style

Superior tight quarters maneuverability - Superior handling & control
Quiet, smooth & comfortable riding - Elegant, non-wheelchair style - Bright,
beautiful colors

Disclaimer: All Quantum/Rehab Power Chairs and Accessories are listed for
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Jazzy 600

Jazzy 600

Maximum Speed • UP TO 5 MPH
Weight Capacity • 300 LBS


Jazzy 600XL

Weight Capacity 400 lbs. • Maximum Speed up to 5 mph

Jazzy 610

Weight Capacity 300 lbs. • Maximum Speed up to 4 mph

Jazzy 1107

Jazzy 1107

Maximum Speed • UP TO 4.5 MPH
Weight Capacity • 300 LBS

Jazzy 1103 Ultra

  • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs 
  • 8" Rear Casters 
  • Maximum Speed 4 1/2 mph 
  • 6" Solid Anti-tip Wheels 
  • 18" Turning Radius 
  • Charge Range up to 25 miles 
  • 3" Ground Clearance 
  • Width 23 inches 
  • Length 36 inches 
  • Base Weight 71 pounds 
  • Battery Weight 24 lbs each 


Jazzy 1113 ATS

Weight Capacity 300 LBS.;
160 LBS. (with Versa Tilt & Synergy Manual Tilt);
200 LBS. (with Tru-Balance & Super-Low Tilt)
Maximum Speed UP TO 4 MPH

Jazzy 1113 Portability

The New Jazzy 1113 is the ultimate portable power chair. The Jazzy 1113 easily disassembles for transport with the heaviest piece weighing only 32 pounds. In addition, the Jazzy 1113 combines patented mid-wheel drive performance and maneuverability with an incredible turning radius of only 16.5". Offering numerous seating options and fully programmable electronics, the Jazzy 1113 combines performance, style and true portability. Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. • Maximum Speed: 4 MPH

Jazzy 1420
Jazzy 1420 Versa Seating
Jazzy 1420
Jazzy 1420
If you have rehab needs but want a high-performance Power Chair with beautiful, non-clinical styling and the ability to adjust as your needs progress, then the Pride Jazzy 1420 is for you! The 1420 incorporates all of the popular features of the Jazzy power base— superb maneuverability and handling, impeccable styling, and unparalleled outdoor performance—with the Versa-Seat that allows for virtually instant seat width and depth adjustability and the use of specialty seating systems. With many other standard rehab features, the Jazzy 1420 is rehab-ready, willing, and able! Maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Jazzy 1420 Specifications:
Wheels: 16” pneumatic
Rear Casters: 9” pneumatic
Anti-Tip Wheels: 8” Solid
Maximum Speed: 4.5 - 6 MPH
Ground Clearance: 4.25 inches
Turning Radius: 22.5 inches
Overall Length: 43 inches
Overall Width: 26.5 inches
Medium Back Seat: Width: 18”  Depth: 16”
Deluxe High Back Seat: Width: 18”  Depth: 18”
Versa Seat: Width: 13”-21”  Depth: 10”-24”
Drive Train: 2-motor mid-wheel drive
Battery: Two 12-volt, group 24
Per-charge Range: Up to 25 miles
Battery Charger: On-board (standard)
Electronics: 70 amp Dynamic or P&G controller
Weight Capacity: 375 lbs. and 500 lbs.
Base Weight: 124.5 lbs.
Seat Weight: 29 lbs.
Battery Weight: 48 lbs. (each)
Curb Climbing Height: 1400: 2”  1420: 6”  1470: 6”


Jazzy 1650

Weight Capacity 650 lbs. • Maximum Speed up to 5 mph

Jazzy 1170
Jazzy 1170 XL
1170 XL Plus
Take on those real-world challenges in the ultimate Power Chair for those with a love of the great outdoors—the Pride Jazzy XL 1170! The XL Plus 1170 upholds the Jazzy reputation for incredible indoor maneuverability and combines it with enhanced performance features including Active-Trac suspension and 6-inch curb climbing capability to offer you the strongest outdoor performance available in a Power Chair.  Weight capacity up to 400 and 450 lbs.

Jazzy 1121
The Jazzy 1121 combines outstanding performance with a sleek design. The Jazzy 1121 (with Active-Trac Suspension) utilizes Pride's patented mid-wheel drive technology and an overall length of only 38.5" for great tight space indoor maneuverability and a turning radius of only 20.5" Equipped with an articulating rear caster beam, patented resilient front anti-tip wheels, Active-Trac Suspension, and a top speed of 5 mph, the 1121 is ready to conquer all of your outdoor challenges.
1121 Specifications
Drive Wheels 14" pneumatic, 14" solid
Rear Casters 8" solid
Anti-Tip Wheels 6" solid
Suspension Yes (Active-Trac)
Maximum Speed up to 5 mph
Brakes "Intelligent Braking"
Ground Clearance 3.5"
Turning Radius 20.5"
Overall Length 38.5"
Overall Width 23.8"
Medium Back Seat Contoured Medium Back (standard)
Deluxe High Back Seat Available
Manual Recline Available
Synergy Seat Available
Versa Tilt Seating System Available
Drive Train 2-motor, mid-wheel drive
Battery Two 12-volt, NF-22
Per-charge Range Up to 25 miles
Battery Charger 5 amp on-board or off board
Battery Weight 38 lbs. (each)
Electronics 50 amp PG VSI; standard, 70 amp Remote Plus or Dynamic (optional)
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Base Weight 135.5 lbs.
Seat Weight 33 lbs.
Colors Candy Apple Red, Viper Blue, Forest Green, Purple Pizazz, Caribbean Teal, Champagne, Gray, Black Onyx

Jazzy Color Options:
Candy Apple Red
Candy Apple Red
Purple Pizazz
Purple Pizazz
Forest Green
Forest Green
Viper Blue
Viper Blue
Caribbean Teal
Caribbean Teal

Jet 2
Jet 3



Jazzy Select

Weight Capacity 300 lbs. • Maximum Speed up to 4 mph


Jazzy Select 14

Weight Capacity 300 lbs. • Maximum Speed up to 4.5 mph



Jazzy Select 14XL

Weight Capacity 350 lbs. • Maximum Speed up to 4.5 mph


Hercules 2000 Lift
Able to handle up to 200 lbs.

Hercules Lift
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Hercules Lift
Radio control option now available.

New Hercules 3000
New!  Just In...Able to handle up to 300 lbs. lift

Trunk / Van Lift - Model 2000 Featuring:

  • Superior Performance 
  • Superior Versatility
  • Superior Price
  • Easily Adjustable with 2 quick release pins.
  • Pride Scooter Docking attachment Included at No Charge
  • Complete Line of Docking Devices Available

New Foldable Power Chair
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